Introduction to Scientific and Technical Computing with Java
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JavaTech: Introduction to Scientific and Technical Computing with Java
JavaTech: An Introduction to Scientific and Technical Computing with Java
By Clark S. Lindsey, Johnny S. Tolliver, and Thomas Lindblad
Cambridge University Press, October 2005

This JavaTech Web Course provides an extensive array of tutorial and reference materials for the Java programming language with an emphasis on how you can apply Java to scientific and technical computing tasks. We particularly focus on those particular features of Java, such as the big collection of networking and graphical user interface tools, that are especially beneficial to those who work in those fields.

We follow an example based teaching approach that includes many applets and application programs to illustrate the topics under discussion. All source codes are provided.

The online material, which we will refer to as the Web Course, works closely with the companion book JavaTech: Introduction to Scientific and Technical Computing with Java, to be published by Cambridge University Press in October 2005.

Corrections to typos and other errors in the book can be found in JavaTech book errata.

The Web Course is organized in such a way as to allow readers to find a personalized track through the material that best matches their particular interests and backgrounds.

The Course Map provides a guide to the website. The map is arranged as a table with rows representing the chapters and with columns arranged according to the type of material presented. It also shows that the course is divided into three main parts: Part I: Introduction to Java, Part II: JavaNetworking, and Part III: Out of the Sandbox.

About JavaTech gives a more detalied overview of the website.


KTH students who wish to follow courses 5A1418(undergraduate) or 5A5448 (graduate) should contact Prof. Thomas Lindblad (lindblad@particle.kth.se).

See the Course Guide for options and outlines for the courses as well as suggested assignments. Sample questions for the final exam are available here.

Students following these courses should periodically check the

Course Materials Status & Whats New
(Latest update -May 22, 2008)

to find out the status of the web pages in particular sections of the course and what changes have been made recently.

This material is always under development. If you see serious mistakes, confusing text,
etc., please use the feedback form to send us a description of the problem.

Also, if you have suggestions for the site, we welcome those as well.

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