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We will highlight here a sample of the Java software libraries (i.e. packages) available to support program development in science and other technical applications. Note that the Chapter 12: Physics section has a page with a list of Math & Physics libraries. The Java Resources page provides additional links to technical Java software on the web. The References page lists various Java books, some of which come with utility programs of their own.

Charting and Graphics

  • JFreeChart
    Free Java class library for generating charts, including:
    • pie charts (2D and 3D);
    • bar charts (regular and stacked, with an optional 3D effect);
    • line and area charts;
    • etc.
    • Documentation

  • JccKit - Chart Construction Kit
    "The JCCKit is a small (< 100Kb) library and a very flexible framework for creating scientific charts and plots. JCCKit is written for the JDK™ 1.1.8 platform (except of a Graphics2D renderer). Thus, it is suitable for scientific Applets and for PDA's running a PersonalJava™ implementation."
  • jCharts
    Open source charting utility that outputs a variety of charts.
  • JMathPlot
    "Interactive and user friendly 2D and 3D plots". JMathPlot is one of the JMathTools packages.
  • JSGL, a Scientific Graphics Library for Java
    A graphics package developed for the book Introductory Java for Scientists and Engineers by Richard Davies.

  • Ptplot
    "2D data plotter and histogram tool implemented in Java. Ptplot can be used as a standalone applet or application, or it can be embedded in your own applet or application." Developed via the Ptolemy II - heterogeneous, concurrent modeling and design project.
  • Scientific Graphics Toolkit (SGT)
    "[SGT Is] for creating interactive graphics applications"
    • "facilitates easy development of platform independent, Java applications to produce highly interactive, flexible, publication quality, object oriented graphics of scientific data. Features include user settable or automatically scaled axes, sophisticated, automatically self-scaling time axes, labels as movable, customizable objects, automatic generation of legends to explain the data being displayed, and many more. SGT was originally developed for NOAA's NOAAServer project, and is freely available from this web page."
    • API Documentation
    • Demonstrations
    • Tutorial

  • VOPlot - Virtual observatory
    "VOPlot is a tool for visualizing astronomical data. VOPlot is developed in JAVA, and acts on data available in the VOTable format. VOPlot is available as a stand alone version, which is to be installed on the user's machine, or as a web-based version fully integrated with the VizieR database."

  • Chapter 11: Supplements: JAI
    Science tools can take advantage of the Java Advanced Imaging API, which we describe in Chapter 11: Supplements section.


Techncial Programming Packages

  • JSIM
    "JSim is a Java-based simulation system for building and analyzing quantitative numeric models. JSim's primary focus has been in physiology and bio-medicine, however its computation engine is quite general and applicable to a wide range of scientific domains. JSim downloads are available for Linux (on Intel), MacIntosh and Windows. An applet version is also available for running JSim within your web browser. JSim is provided free as a public service by the National Simulation Resource at the University of Washington."
  • National Libary of Science (NLS) Java Repository Project
    "The NLS Java Repository is a collection of projects and packages developed by the National Library of Medicine's Lister Hill Center for Biomedical Communications. These projects and packages are useful within applications that do text processing. Each project or package includes API's to be embedable in larger applications."

  • Joone - Java Object Oriented Neural Engine
    FREE Neural Network framework to create, train and test artificial neural networks. The aim is to create a powerful environment both for enthusiastic and professional users, based on the newest Java technologies.

  • Orbital library
    "class library providing object-oriented representations and algorithms for logic, mathematics and artificial intelligence. It comprises theorem proving, computer algebra, search and planning, as well as machine learning algorithms. Generally speaking, the conceptual idea behind the Orbital library is to provide extensional services and components for Java, which surround the heart of many scientific applications. Hence the name Orbital library. In order to satisfy the requirements of high reusability, the design of this foundation class library favors flexibility, conceptual simplicity and generalisation. So many sophisticated problems can be solved easily with its adaptable components."


Most recent update: Nov. 19, 2005

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